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Hi, I'm Johnea


Close Up of Pink Roses


I'm born and raised in beautiful Southern California. I lived in Northern Georgia for 7 years, but now I'm back and settled in sunny Carson, California. 


Specializing in results! I began working at just 14 years old and started volunteering in my community at 9. My extensive training and experience over a 20 year span has given me many different techniques and strategies to offer in my professional career. I thrive in high-pressure environments and fast-paced situations. Striving for positive results by applying my managerial and organizational development experience to various industries. My innate ability to maximize performance and inspire colleagues is a must-have on any growing team. I am able to visualize success and identify unconventional yet highly effective strategies for achieving objectives. I have skillfully and intentionally balanced business expectations and productive business relationships over the years. Strategizing and recommending ways in which to achieve and maintain a progressive professional edge. My professional growth is supported with my extensive training and experience and how I take pride in the business I provide. Providing the most exceptional service and generating the most revenue is always the end goal. 


Close Up of Pink Roses


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion,
And Belonging Advocate

 Passionate advocacy for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) at the workplace and for customers and business partners.


Johnea is a Motivational and Inspirational speaking affiliate. She strengthens staff abilities through encouragement, team building activities, respect, and positive recognition. Johnea regularly attends webinars and workshops through multiple platforms geared towards creating more inclusive spaces at work, school, and social engagements. Her DEIB advocacy allows her fulfillment of a lifelong passion for helping others. Her ability to foster positive relationships with others and promote teamwork is a strength which she has been commended for the most.

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