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A Look At How

Johnea Get's Involved


Johnea's Life-Long Passion for
Service & Empowerment

Johnea has been a staple in her community since childhood. Her activity in her community has been a pivotal gesture in her influence. To be a dependable resource and to treat everyone golden is her goal. Motivating others with true genuine inspiration and building confidence brings her mission to life. Over the years, Johnea has  volunteered at daycare centers, community youth centers, and invested countless amount of hours to public service, women’s empowerment, and social and economic groups and development in various communities. These volunteer experiences allowed Johnea to work with and learn from kids and adults of different backgrounds, ages, and abilities. She successfully plans and implements a variety of events in both professional and personal settings.

Goal: To be a pivotal, influential, and respected pillar amongst several communities around the world.


Volunteer Experience

2022 - Present

Youth Cheerleading Coach
Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL)

Certificate Obtained - CPR Certified - State/Government Finger Printed (Passed) 

Assesses skills and assigns team positions; chooses team members. Creates and teach choreography and cheers; organizes practice, game, and competition sessions. Monitors each cheerleader, recommending safe techniques, and supervising warm-ups. Works with the Sponsors in scheduling facilities for practices and competition. Consistent motivation and inspirational encouragement.

2016 - Present

Women's Empowerment
#GirlTalk Women & Girls  Group

Women's Empowerment Group - CEO/Founder - Motivational & Inspirational Support 

Closed weekly meetings with a group of 25-50 women ranging from ages 19-65; One-on one sessions by request of members to offer individual support; Create relevant discussion topics, questions, and solutions to current issues; Host in person, telephone, and zoom events providing thoroughly researched inspirational and motivational recommendations and methods; Plan events and seminars to offer resources, insights, and opportunities for women. Design/create promotional content for group activities and local events. Motto: You Are The Prize!

2023 - Present

The Altogether Generation

Community Outreach Group

Community Group - Creator/President - Community Clean-Up & Giveaway Resources

Community outreach group comprised of local business owners, residents, and public figures; Organize community events, clean-up, food donations, and giveaways; Support local events with volunteer efforts and community engagement; Lead group meetings and delegate responsibilities to members effectively.


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