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Johnea, The Benefactor

Johnea Wade


Johnea, The Benefactor


Johnea naturally and consistently delivers on company expectations by providing organizational success to internal and external affiliates. She provides exceptional customer service via a variety of channels including: email, chat, phone, and social media. Johnea has the ability to facilitate plans of action and provide effective solutions to a team. Highlighting individuals potential to ensure that the team is progressive is instinctive for Johnea. This task alone requires her to work directly with and provide beneficial training and customer service techniques to multiple customers and employees, drive sales, and generate more customer/employee satisfaction.

Implementing new strategies and training expertise to ensure both company and employee success while managing the effectiveness of the day to day operations is the foundation of Johnea's work ethic. Johnea's approach to enhancing what a business already has to offer, improving a teams capabilities, adjusting core standards and values in a competent and classy way gives her a top notch edge that any company will find as an asset.

Turning a "You may experience..." to a "I have experienced….. This is how we can alleviate a potential issue." on a team is paramount. Johnea's experience in various industries gives her cutting edge knowledge on how to assess potential issues, and resolve potential problems before they occur. Escalated issues are mitigated with priority and gracefully handled with the most intentional care.

Johnea's all around capabilities are necessary to all types of partnerships. Using skills and tools learned over her professional years to her advantage leaving lasting results and impressions on colleagues and associates.


Thank you in advance for your consideration and allowing me to express my intentions for your company. -Johnea "Nay" Wade

Cover Letter: Revised June 2023 


Going The Extra Mile - Extensive/Elective Skills

Special Programs - CRM

Level: Expert | Able To Train

Sales Force                  SugarCRM

Oracle NetSuite           SuiteCRM

Zendesk                        ZoHo


Special Skills 

Extensive Professional Training

Fashion Apparel Master Class [FAM] - Certificate Received 2021

Beauty Training/Courses - Luxury, Prestige, and Mass Beauty Brands (Various)

Convention, Seminar, and Webinar Certificates Obtained:

Cust. Service Management, Branding/Marketing/Promotion, Public & Social Event Planning & Resourcing, Organizational Development & Training, Team Building & Management, AAGLA, Cheer Coach Association, Bartending, CPR

State & Government Testing

Compliance: Pass/Active

LiveScan: Federal & Government (Up To Date: 2023)

Grade School Tutor: CTC Certified

Lyft Driver - 1k+ Rides | 5.0 Star Rating | 2.9 Years (Active)

Additional Skills & Experience

Professional Expertise & Abilities

Professional Endeavors

Small Business Solutions: Over 15 Years Acquired Experience

Accomplished Business Consultant/Advisor/Strategist, Project Execution from Concept to Completion (Including Event Planning & Coordination, Email Campaigns, and Partnership Management), Client Communication, Graphic Design (Websites, Professional Business Logos, Flyers, Advertisements - Print & Digital Designs, Menus, Programs, and Others), Training/Hiring/Coaching, Effective Market Research, Slogan & Content Creation, Business Branding/Marketing/Promotion, Podcast Direction & Management, Social Media Marketing & Management, Productive Business Operations Specialist, Risk Management

Business Owner, Pre-School Teacher, Podcast Host (Weekly), Event Host, Event Coordinator, Personal Assistant,  Wholesale Account Executive, Customer Service Representative, Coordinator, Account Administrative Representative

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